About Us
Talking Histories Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation formed to be the home for the oral histories presented here.
Inspired by a 2006 news interview we taped with Pastor John White on the first anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, and indebted to Densho for showing how video oral history can be dissemenated effectively on the web, we began the project in the autumn of 2009.

The interviews presented here are long-form, and are not focused specifically on the narrators' experiences in Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath, though all narrators to date have included that in their histories. Rather, we try to get to know the narrators and their backgrounds to come to a better understanding of them as multifaceted individuals. Through them, we seek to collect, preserve, and disseminate their stories of New Orleans.
The thumbnails in color indicate completely edited interviews (all are still awaiting transcripts); those in focus in black and white indicate interviews not yet completely edited; and those that are out of focus are placeholders for interviews for which we are awaiting releases.
Talking Histories was founded by Tito Sciortino, a native of New Orleans now living in San Francisco. The team for the 2010 set of interviews included: Tito Sciortino; Jana Katsuyama, an Emmy-winning news reporter based in San Francisco; and Joe Danielewicz, a reporter/producer based in the Washington DC-area.
The project is expected to continue adding interviews after the 2010 set is completely edited and posted to this site.